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HVAC Technician

05/30/17 10:41
Job Type:
Full Time
$37050.00 per month
The HVAC Technician is responsible for the energy management system and preventive maintenance of all HVAC and refrigeration units on campus, to maintain comfortable temperature range for students and faculty and staff. 

This position requires a high school diploma or equivalent.  This position requires a section 608 universal certificate of completion.   This position requires technical/trade school graduation or equivalent of two years apprenticeship, plus five years of full time work experience in the HVAC field.  This position requires knowledge of heating, refrigeration/air conditioning equipment and/or pneumatic and electrical control systems as applicable to work specialty.  This position requires knowledge of all tools, materials, methods and hazards of the trade, skill in the use of tools of the trade, and knowledge of local and national codes as applicable to work performed.  A Texas driver license and insurable driving record is required.  A criminal background check is also required.
To be considered for this position, all qualified applicants must attach to their online application the following documents:
1) Copy of a section 608 universal certificate of completion
2) Transcript showing technical/trade school graduation (if applicable)
3) Resume outlining relevant HVAC experience and qualifications
4) Copy of valid Texas Driver License
All documents must be attached to one online application to be considered. Please re-open your application form to verify all documents are properly attached.

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